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The winning balance between technology and craftsmanship

At Tuatahi we have available Peg & Raker Racing Saws. These are available in varying widths, lengths, gullets, tooth pitches and thicknesses. Peg & Raker Racing Saws are certainly the latest technology in sawing and we are constantly redesigning and enhancing this product.

Quality features

Each Tuatahi Peg & Raker Racing Saw has the following features:

  • Saws are manufactured from the highest quality saw steel.
  • Saws are individually tensioned to be straight and flat.
  • Saws are individually tempered.
  • Saws are individually finish filed to exacting standards.

Customers may select

A saw designed specifically for their wood type and the discipline they are cutting. For example: Single, Double, Jack & Jill, Jill and Jill.

Individual specifications may include:

  • A range of gullets and depths available
  • Two, Three and Four Peg designs available.
  • Varying lengths, widths and thicknesses.

Please note: Customers must specify the type of wood they are cutting and the discipline (for example Single, Double, Jack & Jill and Jill & Jill), that they require the saw for with all Peg and Raker Saw Orders. This will enable us to design a saw exactly to suit.

Tuatahi Racing Saws can be supplied with or without handles. We currently stock Powder Coated Steel Racing Saw Handles. We also have Saw Filing Jigs available and Aluminium Saw Cases.

World Champion at 16 years of Age!

The following photo was taken at Hayward, Wisconsin, USA in July 2003. It shows Lindsay Daun cutting the final of the Womens World Championship Single Sawing. Lindsay won this event and at the time was only 16 years old. The saw used was a Tuatahi Peg & Raker Racing Saw.

Lindsay Daun World Champion at 16 years of age.

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