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Working Axe Tuatahi Work Axes

NATO Stock Number
5110 98 2075047

At Tuatahi we also forge axes suitable for use as work axes. These axes are forged from the same high quality steel as the main tuatahi racing axe, but have a thicker edge.

Do not use metal wedges with these axes as it will damage the top of the axe, use wooden wedges only.

We have received many favourable comments about our working axe, and it's ability to handle varying wood types:

"I use your working axes and saws (and the sharpening jigs for both), to clear blowdowns from hiking trails in the wilderness.  These working tools are versatile enough to handle the wide variety of wood I encounter (everything from knotty softwoods like pine and hemlock to dense woods like white oak and black locust)". P Wilson, USA

"I received the axe yesterday and was able to split some logs last night. The axe is terrific, it exceeded my expectations! It's rare that I have purchased an item that I felt was really exceptional. This is a unique piece of equipment.

There is no comparison between your axe and a hardware store axe. It is beautifully crafted and really tears through the wood. I was able to split large logs with your axe that previously required a heavy maul. I got to work splitting logs around 5:00 pm and worked for what I thought was about an hour. It was actually almost 7:00 pm when I finished.

Thanks for crafting a great product.

Best regards, John Gentry, USA"

Tuatahi Training Axes

We have available a Training Axe with a special rolled chisel edge. This axe is capable of cutting knots and frozen wood. It is very free in the wood and ideal for training purposes.
Size: approximately 7 3/8" long x 7 3/8" wide (187.32mm).



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