Our M Tooth Work Saws have been specifically designed for the following uses:


• Trail clearing - sections of the US Forest Service use these saws, particularly in heritage areas where chainsaws are not permitted.

• General forestry work - particularly farming blocks where trees are felled then sawn.

• Cutting firewood - great fitness sawing logs by hand then splitting with an axe.

• Junior racing - particularly university teams. These are a great starter practice saw for novices.

• Corporate Teams Racing (a fun team building event).

M Tooth Work Saw

Each saw is individually crafted and heat treated using the highest quality saw steel. The tooth style is designed to be easily maintained so that saws may be freehand filed.


Saws can be supplied with or without our Steel Saw Handles and come in three lengths:


4' (1.22m)

5' (1.52m)

6' (1.83 m)

We've received many favourable comments about our working saws and their ability to handle varying wood types, such as the following:


"I use your working axes and saws (and the sharpening jigs for both) to clear blowdowns from hiking trails in the wilderness. These working tools are versatile enough to handle the wide variety of wood I encounter - everything from knotty softwoods like Pine and Hemlock, to dense woods like White Oak and Black Locust."


P Wilson - USA

4' (1.22m) M Tooth Work Saw - $545.00 (NATO Stock Number 5110 98 2075051)
5' (1.52m) M Tooth Work Saw - $645.00 (NATO Stock Number 5110 98 2075052)
6' (1.83m) M Tooth Work Saw - $865.00 (NATO Stock Number 5110 98 2075053)
Prices are in New Zealand dollars and do not include GST (applicable in NZ only), packaging and delivery. Subject to change without notice