All China axes are supplied as unfinished heads only and are 15 degrees flat with a rough rolled edge. 

You will need to do more grinding work to these axes to use them, they cannot be used in the unfinished state. 

We do not fit handles to these heads but can provide handles for you to fit, stocks permitting.

Although we can't guarantee the China Axes as they are not made by Tuatahi, we do highly recommend them as they do have a purpose and fill a need.


Many customers have further ground their china axes for:

• Learner axemen needing axes to train (particularly in Australia, Europe and USA)

• University teams in USA where cost effective equipment is required to develop further team members

• Encouraging younger competitors into the sport

• Rigging axes (in good clean softwood)

• Work axes (in good clean softwood)


Each axe head measures approximately 185mm long and 175mm wide, and weigh approximately 2700 grams. We do not recommend these axes for competitors in Ladies axe events as they are too heavy.

China Axe Head only Unfinished.jpg

Unfinished China Axe Head



Unfinished China Axe Head only -  $98.00


​Prices are in New Zealand dollars and do not include GST (applicable in NZ only), packaging and delivery. Subject to change without notice