Tuatahi Peg & Raker Racing Saws are the best available and incorporate the latest sawing technology. These saws have won many World Championship events throughout the world. Each saw is individually crafted and heat treated using the highest quality steel and is specifically filed for each customer's sawing style and wood type.


Specialist Tuatahi saw filer Grant Fawcett says that it's a real thrill when competitors contact the company to advise they have won a world championship or set a world record, and that it is equally satisfying when a novice competitor sets their fastest time with a Tuatahi Racing Saw. "We file saws for the individual customer. Every competitor saws differently and their saws should be customised to suit."


Our Peg & Raker Saws are available in varying tooth designs and gullet depths, lengths, widths and thicknesses.


To assist in selecting a saw, and because we have a wide variety of options, we need to know what type of wood you are cutting and your discipline (ie Single or Double etc)  so that we can recommend an appropriate saw to suit.


Tuatahi 3 Peg Racing Saw

Our current range of standard Peg & Raker Racing Saws are available in the following lengths:


5' (1.52m)

5'2" (1.57m)

5'3" (1.60m)

5'6" (1.68m)

5'8" (1.73m)

5'10" (1.78m)

6' (1.83m)

6'2" (1.88m)

6'3" (1.90m)

6'4" (1.93 m)


Tooth design and gullet depth - select from 2, 3 or 4 peg tooth designs and we will select a gullet depth to suit.


We have a wide range of widths and currently four different steel thicknesses to select from - we will determine the appropriate width and thickness at the time of ordering.


Saws can be supplied with or without our Steel Saw Handles (refer to the Other Products page.)

World Championship winning NZ axeman Jason Wynyard writes:


"I have won 225 World Championship Titles. 18 of these at Sydney & the other world titles in Australia, USA, NZ and Canada. All with Tuatahi Axes & Saws."


Results dated 24 March 2015



Up to and including 6' (1.83m) long saws - from $2598.00
Saws over 6' (1.83m) - from $2829.00
Prices are in New Zealand dollars and do not include GST (applicable in NZ only), packaging and delivery. Subject to change without notice