Kingi - Double Grind Unfinished Axe Head

Kingi Racing Axe Double Grind Unfinished Head only. 

These are currently available in one size (8" long x 8" wide). Prices start from $441 but will vary depending on your requirements.

Please Note: Axe Grinds will vary from that shown in the photo depending on your order requirements. Please advise the degrees you require, width of chisel and degrees of hollow behind the chisel. If you are unsure on these details send us a message with your requirements and we will calculate this for you.  

As this is a non stock item please advise your requirements and we will be in contact with you.

Kingi - Double Grind Unfinished Axe Head

Axe Pattern Size
Wood Type
Handle fitted
Wings ground out
  • Refer to our Axe Grinding and Size Charts for more information about our range of grinding and size options. These are available to download from the Racing Axe page.

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