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We have been hand crafting our Racing Axes for many years now, and believe that we supply the best racing axes in the world.


We take great pride in our work, our products are well proven. You can rely on Tuatahi as each axe is individually hand forged, heat treated and ground to your requirements.


We've had great success - our axes have won many World Championship events over the years. It is also equally satisfying when a novice or junior competitor wins their first event with a Tuatahi axe. We asked New Zealand World Champion axeman Adam Lowe to comment on the quality of Tuatahi - click here to read his comments.

Tuatahi Racing Axe

Kingi Finished with handle fitted.jpg

Kingi Racing Axe

There are many variations of our racing axes. Please remember to advise what wood type you are cutting when ordering, and if you're unsure on what size, grind or axe would suit, then don't hesitate to contact us. We're very happy to help.


We have two types of racing axe - the Tuatahi Racing Axe and the Kingi Racing Axe.


Axes can be supplied as head only or with a handle shaped and fitted.


We have a range of patterns available in various sizes, and have a variety of grinds we can offer. Please refer to our racing axe pattern and grinding chart - available here and also our size chart - available here (both in pdf format). We also have a list of Eddie Fawcett's recommended grinds to help you decide which grind is best for your wood type - click here.


Please note: We've discovered through our testing over the years that axes should not be cut or ground down to size after heat treatment. This can release tension in the axe and affect its cutting performance. If you require an axe to be taken down to size then we need to do this for you prior to the heat treatment process.


Tuatahi Racing Axe head (Unfinished) - From $450.00
Tuatahi Racing Axe head (Double Grind Unfinished) - From $495.00
Tuatahi Racing Axe head (Double Grind Unfinished with wings out) - From $540.00
Tuatahi Racing Axe head (Finished) - From $665.00
Kingi Racing Axe head (Unfinished) - From $420.00
Kingi Racing Axe head (Double Grind Unfinished) - From $465.00
Kingi Racing Axe head (Finished) - From $640.00
Finished axe handles can be fitted to any racing axe - $120.00

Prices are in New Zealand dollars and do not include GST (applicable in NZ only), packaging and delivery. Subject to change without notice

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