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A year in review

It's been another great year at Tuatahi and we've been really pleased to be able to offer quality hand crafted products to all of you, and thank you very much for your support.

We have always been very focused on developing the sport and each year offer sponsorship to a wide range of organisations to do this. Unfortunately we can't accept all sponsorship requests, but try to do as much as we can, with our focus particularly on Juniors.

We've listed below some of the events that we sponsored this year, and look forward to continuing to develop our sport in 2017.

KBT Competition Saws and Tuatahi jointly sponsored a racing saw for the Australian Stihl Timbersports Rookie Series Final. Congratulations to Blake Marsh who was the winner of this event.

Queensland Champion of Champions: Kingi Racing Axe

Ikamatua - South Island NZ: Funding for event

The Barrett family - Taumarunui NZ: Funding for the Barrett Family Memorial Events

Eurojack Austria: Throwing Axes for their series winners

NZ v's Australia Teams Series held in Stratford: Funding

Big Boar Competition: Kingi Racing Axe and Cover

South & Central Gippsland Axemens Association: Kingi Racing Axe

Tuatahi Junior Development Program: Funding to send a North and South Island Junior to the Royal Sydney Show. 2016 recipients that traveled to Sydney were

Michael Trow and Owen Wratt.

Sydney Royal Easter Show Junior Development Program: 2 Tuatahi Racing Axes with handles fitted. Axe covers and sponsors singlets also supplied for the full event.

Tasmania Axemens Association Tuatahi Junior Series: Provided for the winner of this event in Standing and Underhand. Tyson Rowe was the successful recipient of both events this year and received 2 Kingi Racing Axe Heads.

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