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Success at the Royal Sydney Show

Tuatahi Racing Axes and Saws had great success at the 2017 Royal Sydney show. Firstly David McDonald won his third consecutive 375mm Single Handed Saw World Title using a Tuatahi 2 Peg. Of the 8 finalists in this event 7 were New Zealanders and all competitors used Tuatahi Saws.

Matthew Cogar and Jason Lentz became the first non New Zealand or Australian pair to win the 600mm Double Handed Sawing World Title while using a Tuatahi Racing Saw.

Kerry Mahuika and Jason Wynyard won the 375mm Jack and Jill Sawing Championship using a Tuatahi Racing saw and in the process set a new world record.

Erin Lavoie won the 300mm Ladies Single Handed Sawing Championship using a Tuatahi Racing Saw.

Glen Gillam won both the 375mm Underhand World Title and the 375mm Standing Block World Title, a feat not achieved since 2002. In both of these events Glen used a Tuatahi Kingi Racing Axe.

Tuatahi also sponsored the Junior Development Program at the Royal Show. This event is aimed to support the development of both male and female junior competitors as they learn and improve in the sport of wood chopping. We would like to congratulate both Jack Stratton and Dustin Hall who were the winners of this event and all the best with their new Tuatahi Racing Axe, congratulations to all the other competitors in this event.

Tuatahi would like to congratulate all those who competed at the 2017 Royal Sydney Show, it is very satisfying for us to see our equipment in use and to know that it is the highest standard.

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