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Here are a few comments about Tuatahi Work Axes from our customers:

Tuatahi Work Axe

Tuatahi Work Axe with wings ground out

"I received the axe yesterday and was able to split some logs last night. The axe is terrific, it exceeded my expectations! It's rare that I have purchased an item that I felt was really exceptional. This is a unique piece of equipment.


There is no comparison between your axe and a hardware store axe. It is beautifully crafted and really tears through the wood. I was able to split large logs with your axe that previously required a heavy maul. I got to work splitting logs around 5.00pm and worked for what I thought was about an hour. It was actually almost 7.00pm when I finished.


Thanks for crafting a great product."


John Gentry, USA




"I recently had the pleasure of experiencing what true professionalism; absolute knowledge of product and the epitome of what customer service and quality of product should be.


As the result of communications via e-mail, I bought an amazing, hand-crafted work axe, produced and shipped with care from a small company based in Masterton, New Zealand - Tuatahi Racing Axes & Saws.


What I came to know about this unique company was, however something that all businesses - big and small, should know and indeed strive and aspire toward:


Sincerity, Integrity, Honesty and yes - the ability to produce flat out incredible products that are better than their competitors and exceed the level of expectations from their customers around the world.


Tuatahi axes are hand made, individually forged, shaped, heat treated and expertly sharpened pieces of tool steel art, using the finest steel available. Whether you need an axe to chop wood faster than the guy next to you in competition or whether you need a reliable day-in, day-out tool to cut firewood, Tuatahi will make it happen, taking the time to answer any questions you may have, and ensuring that the right tool is produced for the job. My axe is awesome! It flat out rips through wood!


The team at Tuatahi raised the bar for products and customer service. Packaging was superb and the shipping process was handled flawlessly.


Thanks again for the great product and a wonderful experience.


Absolute satisfaction. Absolutely amazing products. Absolutely incredible people."


Tom Mason, USA




"Several years ago I had the opportunity to visit your factory in Masterton after calling ahead and placing an order for two work axe heads. Those axes came back to the USA with me and have been put to use clearing deadfalls from the Appalachian Trail and other side trails in our Shenandoah National Park.


Passing hikers are awed by the speed at which I can chop through a tree and the size of the chips thrown by your axes. I can feel the axe head travel deep into the log, carving out years of growth with each swing. The typical comment I hear is 'now that's an axe!'


It's also a tough axe. As a trail maintainer, I chop what I find - oak, hickory, locust, maple, ash etc. Your axes perform magnificently in all species and really hold an edge. Thank you for a fine, fine product."


Dan Dueweke, USA



"I received my new axe today and I have to say you lot don't disappoint. What a beautiful piece of equipment. The axe was as described and the workmanship is excellent - much to my young son's amusement I was able to shave the hairs on my arms with it.


I just wanted to say thanks, it is always nice to get what you pay for and then some. It has been a pleasure to deal with Tuatahi Axes and I look forward to doing so again in the future. Thanks again."


Steve Milton, Australia




"Thank you for your help in securing the axe for my son. It arrived today. What a beautiful piece. The craftsmanship is exquisite! I know my son will cherish this wonderful tool for a lifetime and then pass it down to one of his children."


Bob Dangle, USA

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