Our hand crafted work axes can be used for splitting firewood, general forestry and farm work, and clearing trails etc. They are an extremely durable axe, can handle a wide variety of wood types, and are capable of cutting frozen wood. We have received a lot of feedback about our work axes and their ability to handle various wood types - click here to read some of our customers' comments.


Each axe is individually hand forged, heat treated and ground. They are supplied complete with a handle fitted so are ready to use. The axe heads are all approximately 7 1/4" long by 7" wide (184x178mm) and are one grind.

They weigh in at approximately 3.2kg (7lb) or just over 3kg (6.6lb) if we grind the wings out and have an overall length of 77cm.


We can grind the wings out of the Tuatahi Work Axe if required.

Tuatahi Work Axe

Tuatahi Work Axe with wings ground out

Tuatahi Work Axe with handle fitted - was $495.00 - NOW $470
Tuatahi Work Axe with wings ground out and handle fitted - was $535.00 - NOW $508
(NATO Stock Number 5110 98 2075047)

Prices are in New Zealand dollars and do not include GST (applicable in NZ only), packaging and delivery. Subject to change without notice