Tuatahi Racing Axes and Saws
welcomes you!

Tuatahi has been manufacturing Racing Axes and Saws for over 25 years. We are a family operated business and our products are currently exported to Australia, Fiji, USA, Canada, England, Wales, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, New Caledonia, Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, Greece, South Africa, Ireland, Ukraine, Brazil, Romania, Tahiti, Italy, Luxembourg and Hungary as well as distributed throughout New Zealand.

We have had great success with our products. For many years World Championship and major woodchopping events have been won by individuals using Tuatahi. It is this confidence that urges us to continue to research and develop our products and provide the highest quality to our customers.

We are able to advise newcomers when selecting the correct type of equipment to suit. For example we can advise on the correct type of axe or saw for different area's throughout the world. It gives us great pleasure seeing a new-comer perform well with Tuatahi equipment and no order or enquiry is too big or small.

As you will see throughout this website, there are many variations and features each product holds. For example, our Main Tuatahi Axe Blade is hand forged from a block of highest quality tool steel, and each axe is hardened and tempered individually. Tuatahi also precision grinds each axe individually to enable us to cater for various grinds from hollow to double grinding.

New developments in the Racing Saw scene are constant and we manufacture Peg and Raker and M Tooth Racing Saws, and M Tooth Work Saws. The Racing Saws have continued with the same success as our axes and we manufacture those that produce a quality performance against top competition all over the world.

We also produce a range of high quality work axes and saws which work extremely well, and we have received fantastic feedback on these. Don't hesitate in contacting us regarding any of our product range, we are happy to help.

Finally, thank you for your continuing support, and we hope you have success with your Tuatahi products!!

Kind Regards,

Eddie Fawcett

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