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Camp Axe

Everybody should have a camp axe - it's a must have axe if you're camping, hiking or simply wanting a smaller work axe that is easy to transport.


It's unbelievable how well this axe cuts. It does everything our larger work axes do and will handle all wood types including frozen wood. From felling, clearing trails, splitting firewood and kindling - this axe does it all.


Each axe is individually hand forged, heat treated and ground. They can be supplied complete with a fitted handle (a standard length or long handle option) so they are ready to use; or you can choose to buy the head only to allow you to fit your own handle. Also please choose whether you would like a camp axe cover.


The axe head is just over 6" long by 6" wide (153x153mm) and is one grind.


With a weight of just over 2kg with handle fitted (1.5kg head only), and an overall length of just over 24" (61cm) with the standard handle, or 28 1/2" (72cm) with the long handle, it can easily fit in a backpack and you are all set.

Camp Axe

PriceFrom $310.00
  • Due to production schedules and complications with shipping we can only accept orders for up to 6 axes from the online store. If you wish to purchase more, then please email or phone with your order.

    Tuatahi Camp Axe

    Head only $310

    with fitted standard handle $375

    with fitted long handle $400

    Cover is an additional $83

    Prices are in NZ dollars and exclude GST (applicable in NZ only), packaging and shipping. Subject to change without notice.

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