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Tuatahi Trapper

Introducing the Trapper, the ultimate everyday axe designed for maximum portability and efficiency. Crafted with the same premium-quality steel as our racing axes, the Trapper is perfect for all those tasks such as trimming branches and cutting kindling, and is just the right size to pack when you’re off camping, hiking or hunting.


The axes are all hand-finished including the top quality wood handles ensuring a comfortable and safe grip with the optimal balance and feel during use. The Trapper is available in two sizes; Standard and the XL which has a longer handle.


The Standard Trapper has an overall length of approximately 19 1/4" (490mm) and weighs 985, and the XL is approximately 23 1/2" (595mm) and weighs 1.1kg. Both axes have the same size head.


The blade is heat-treated and has a protective coating which gives it a distinctive grey finish. The coating is a rust inhibitor and helps prolong the life of the blade.


Supplied complete with a leather cover to protect the blade when being carried or stored.

Tuatahi Trapper

PriceFrom $385.00
  • Due to production schedules and complications with shipping we can only accept orders for up to 6 axes from the online store. If you wish to purchase more, then please email or phone with your order.

    Tuatahi Standard Trapper $385

    Tuatahi XL Trapper $395

    Prices are in NZ dollars and exclude GST (applicable in NZ only), packaging and shipping. Subject to change without notice.

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